Why fifty-two folk songs?

Welcome all, and – since you ask – why am I doing this? Four reasons.

Firstly, like many people, I was knocked out by Jon Boden’s A Folk Song A Day project (currently running through the year for a second time); when it ended I thought it would be good to do something along the same lines. Only not updating daily, obviously. (Also, I don’t play the concertina.)

Secondly, I like singing songs, getting better at it & learning more of them, and I like giving people the chance to hear me singing. (If they like it too, so much the better!)

Thirdly, I turned 51 recently, and it struck me that I’m now (hopefully) living through the 52 weeks of my 52nd year. Spooky. Well, not very spooky, but still. If I was ever going to publish a folk song a week (say) for a year (say), this seemed like a pretty good time to start.

Fourthly – and most importantly – why not?

And with that we’re off. It’s a simple setup: I sing, record and upload one folk song a week, every week until this time next year. I’ll say a bit about the songs as we go along. I’ll put some other songs up too along the way; some of them will be folk songs too but some won’t. Either way, I hope you like them.


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2 responses to “Why fifty-two folk songs?

  1. Pauline Stroud

    Brilliant idea. I am looking forward to enjoying these songs. I ceratainly like the firstr few. Thank you.


  2. Richard from Liverpool/robotforaday

    Good luck! I can definitely say that this kind of project offers hours of enjoyment and opens the door to wonderful discoveries, balanced by occasional moments of stress as you realise the week has passed already. Enjoy…

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