Week 13: Young Waters, Dayspring Mishandled

We end the Indigo album (almost) with two thoroughly nasty stories.

Child 94, Young Waters, is a chilling tale of the danger of excessive frankness in long-term relationships, particularly in cases where one’s partner has the power of life and death. I went to town a bit on the accompaniment, and I think the results are quite good (listen out for the recorder).

Dayspring Mishandled is another Bellamy/Kipling production, and not the last; perhaps the most unusual, though, as it’s written in fake Middle English. The message is horribly bleak (appropriately enough for the horribly bleak story in which it features): miss or abuse your first chance – mishandle your one and only dayspring (i.e. dawn) – and you can forget about anything going well for you ever again. Vocal harmony here, and a third part on recorder.

And there are extras – but more on that tomorrow.

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