52fs: Indigo

Indigo, the second virtual album documenting the 52fs project, is now available.

On this album, unlike its predecessor, I haven’t limited myself to unaccompanied singing; about half of the songs are accompanied, on flute, melodica, bongoes and computer, among other things.

The Indigo album contains the following songs:

1. Dayspring mishandled (Kipling / Bellamy)
2. Lord Allenwater
3. Derwentwater’s farewell
4. Danny Deever (Kipling / Bellamy)
5. Hughie the Graeme
6. Serenity (Joss Whedon)
7. Grand conversation on Napoleon
8. Plains of Waterloo
9. The bonny bunch of roses
10. Boney’s lamentation
11. St Helena lullaby (Kipling / Bellamy)
12. The death of Nelson
13. The unborn Byron (Peter Blegvad)
14. Two sisters
15. The wind and the rain
16. Percy’s song (Bob Dylan)
17. Sam Hall
18. Young Waters
19. The House of the Rising Sun (part 1)
20. The House of the Rising Sun (part 2)

The last two tracks are album exclusives, which can be heard nowhere else except as part of this album. When you’ve heard them, you’ll know why.

This ‘album’ can be downloaded from Bandcamp for a token payment of 52p (you see what I did there). This gets you 70 minutes of singing (most of which is in tune) and musical accompaniment (some of which is played quite competently). You also get a PDF file containing full lyrics plus assorted pictures, comments, musings and afterthoughts. (And album exclusives, don’t forget.)

Alternatively you can download the tracks individually and pay nothing at all, or just listen online (but remember the album exclusives). Or you could listen to something else instead. But you might as well give this a go.

52 Folk Songs: Indigo is here.

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