AS27: The outlandish dream

An outlandish knight…

Right, got it.

…he dreamed a dream…

No, wait – he did what?

This is sometimes catalogued as “The outlandish knight”, confusingly enough, but also crops up under a number of other names; Martin Carthy’s recorded it as “A Cornish young man”. I got the idea and the tune from Andy Turner’s rather fine A Folk Song A Week site; the words are from a broadside on the Bodleian Web site. It’s an odd little song about love, social class and chastity, with a slightly improbable happy ending; I don’t know the significance of the move with the ring and the guinea, and why a kiss is like a stone in a sling remains a mystery. And what our friend(?) the outlandish knight is doing in there is anyone’s guess.

Like Andy, I sang this one unaccompanied; I thought that was how it wanted to be.

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