Week 48: Brigg Fair, General Wolfe, The green cockade

I completed this week’s recordings on the 5th of August; the lead song could only be Brigg Fair. It’s sung here with a bit of contemporary ambient sound and a brief excerpt from an everyday story of country folk.

General Wolfe is a song I already knew, but fell in love all over again on hearing Jo Freya’s Traditional Songs of England (reviewed here). Accompaniment is mainly concertina drones.

The green cockade is a Cornish version of a widespread enlistment song (other colours of cockade are available). Concertina chords this time, and more thanks to Jo Freya.

As well as concertina, all three of these songs feature recorder: specifically, a maple Moeck recorder which I acquired recently. It’s a ‘school’ model, so not a high-end instrument, but it’s got a lovely tone; it’s entirely displaced my old Aulos and is well on the way to supplanting my Tony Dixon D whistle. My “concertina and recorder” period begins!

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