Week 52: Banks of Yarrow, Ballad of accounting, Who’s the fool now?

Week 52! We’ve made it to the end of the year.

The 52nd and final (weekly) folk song is Banks of Yarrow; you probably know it as The Banks of Green Willow. Unaccompanied, after Debra Cowan.

Also this week: Ballad of accounting, a stark and rather Brechtian song by Ewan MacColl. Unaccompanied but for multi-tracking, after Tony Capstick.

And finally: Who’s the fool now? Thereby hangs a tale. Unaccompanied but for the massed ranks of the Beech singers.

Two last thoughts for anyone who’s made it this far. Firstly, don’t go away! There’s more to come, albeit probably not at the same workrate I’ve kept up for most of the last year. Secondly and more importantly, thankyou – many thanks for reading, listening and downloading.

Be seeing you!

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