Week 25: George Collins, Jamie Douglas, The leaves in the woodland

Week 25; we’re approaching the end of the ‘big ballad’-oriented Blue album, as well as the halfway mark for the project.

George Collins
isn’t a Child ballad; it was collected in England by George Gardiner and, separately, by Bob Copper. It’s one of the more mysterious old songs; the plot could be summed up as ‘boy meets girl, everybody dies’. Accompanied here on melodica, some more melodica and a chirpy G whistle.

Jamie Douglas is Child 204; this version of it is based quite closely on June Tabor’s Waly Waly.

And some more Bellamy. The leaves in the woodland is the song Peter Bellamy gave June Tabor for the Transports. After last week I thought the competition was closed, but this is a late challenger for the title of Saddest Song In The World Ever. (The last verse means exactly what it sounds like.) Happy February, everyone!

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