Week 32: Blackwaterside, The outlandish dream, On board the ‘Kangaroo’

A mixed bag for week 32 (but still no deaths): a sad song about a young woman being seduced and abandoned, a funny song about a middle-aged man getting dumped and a song with a happy ending and a misleading beginning.

Blackwaterside: what is there to say about Blackwaterside? Here’s my version of Blackwaterside.

The outlandish dream
is a broadside curiosity, with no apparent connection to the more famous ballad about the quasi-eponymous main character.

On board the ‘Kangaroo’ is a daft little number which originated as a music-hall song. Tom Lehrer said that Gilbert and Sullivan wrote songs “full of words and music and signifying nothing”; this one certainly doesn’t signify very much, but it’s none the worse for it.

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